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Naeem Asif Electrical Industry is one of the leading companies in Pakistan engaged in the manufacturing of various types of water pumps for industrial, agricultural and domestic use.
Product's Range
Naeem Asif Electrical Industry are manufacturing & introducing three catagories of products, so that customer easily purchase our products under own budget.
Aabshar Model
This is our First Brand, produce with high quality and deep hardness
Smart Model  
This is our Second Brand, produce with high quality also
  Lite Model
This is our Third Brand, produce with high quality also
A Little About Aabshar Pumps
Aabshar Pumps established 1985 under the name of Tariq Electrical Industry. With the view to produce high quality, Industrial, Agricultural and home purpose Water pumps. In 2005 Aabshar Pumps came under new management by the name of Naeem Asif Electrical Industry with the Govt. Registration No. 127027. The Company controlled by well experienced qualified Engineers and managed by devoted, efficient and hard working managing person named Mr. Naeem Asif. Newly improved methods, are always used in manufacturing these pumps which resulted in the manufacture of quality, high capacity and high pressure water pumps.
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Modernization and Improvments
Following the practice of continuous improvement, Naeem Asif Electrical Industry has also set up a product development section, which is supervised by one of the Directors of the company. This section is responsible for improvement in design for increased efficiency and low operating cost.
Member of PPEMMA
Aabshar Pumps is proud to be a member of Pakistan Pumps & Electric Motor Manufacturers Association of Pakisan.
Working Environment
Human element being our motivation and primary concern, we have enabled ourselves to facilitate a healthy and conducive atmosphere for our work force. A positive work environment makes employees feel good about coming to work, and this provides the motivation to sustain them throughout the day. ‘Good’ employees or workers are often defined as those who put in loads of effort and sacrificed their personal time in order to perform well in their work.
Quality Control
The company has set up a quality control section for all of its products. It is ensured that all finish goods go through a quality test. The company believes in the policy of
After Sale Services
After sale services are also provided at our workshops under the supervision of highly professional team of personnel.
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