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Products Wise ( Smart Model )
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Aabshar Pumps established 1985 under the name of Tariq Electrical Industry. With the view to produce high quality, Industrial, Agricultural and home purpose Water pumps. 

In 2005 Aabshar Pumps came under new management by the name of Naeem Asif Electrical Industry with the Govt. Registration No. 127027. The Company controlled by  well experienced qualified Engineers and managed by devoted, efficient and hard working managing person named Mr. Naeem Asif.

Newly improved methods, are always used in manufacturing these pumps which resulted in the manufacture of quality, high capacity and high pressure water pumps. Constant inspection at every stage of production i.e. selection of material, electrical winding, motor working, pump working, and all sorts of product results, etc. guarantee a high standard of production. This is the reason that our products one to all have proved reliable in its working, uniform in performance and have been appreciated by our customers. 

In addition to above, large scale investment enabled the company to modernize its works by installing the new units due to the increase of production to meet with rising demand of the market.

Naeem Asif Electrical Industry consists of office, mechanical and electrical workshops, assembly shop, stores and testing laboratory. The company policy is to provide safe environment for the employees so they would be proud to work. The designing and layout planning is meets with the ISO certificated companies.

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